We're a leading strategic change and engagement agency.

What We Do

We improve business performance by mobilising employees behind a new :

Organisations are changing all the time - so when can Unspun help you?
Clients ask for our help when they want to mobilise large numbers of employees to deliver a significant change.

This could include:

  • Strategy
  • Brand
  • Vision
  • Organisational Culture

What We Believe.

Our work is defined by three characteristics

Who We Are.

  • Cindy Yendell
    Chief Executive
  • Richard Gray
    Head of Consulting
  • Simon Jacobs
    Associate Consultant
  • Sarah Willan
    Associate Consultant
  • Anna Cottle
    Junior Project Manager
  • Christianne Gandossi
    Senior Project Manager
  • Vicky Keith-Roach
    Associate Consultant
  • Cassidy Knowles
    Project and Operations Director

Who We Work With.

Get in Touch.

Get in contact.

The Courtyard Studio
18 Marshall Street

0203 327 7050 info@unspunlondon.co.uk